Adhesive for Woodworking

Block Board Jointing, Wood Veneer, Finger Jointing, Postforming, Profile Wrapping

Alpkim produces EVA based hotmelts, water-based and PVA based adhesives for woodworking indusry. Our versatile product range is designed for bonding many different substrates as PVC, ABS, PP, MDF, melamine, wood substrates, timber, parquet, veneers, resin impegrenated paper foils.

Field of applications

  • Edge Bonding
  • Flat Lamination
  • Door Production
  • Profile Wrapping
  • Window Profile
  • Parquet Production
  • Design Flooring / LVT
  • Laminated Boards
  • Load Bearing Wood Construction
  • Postforming
  • 3DProcess / Membrane press applications

We can easily tailor products to create unique specifications.for industry needs. Years of experience and close cooperation with suppliers and clients, ensure consistent quality and reliability and high featured products like perfect elasticity, cohesion and adhesion, resistance to heat, enhanced water resistance, water insolubility, toughness, flexibility, high temperature resistance and anti-blocking.

These products enable customers to improve their existing products and processes, as well as create new products with high features.