Adhesive for Tapes & Labeling

Protective coatings, Book, Self adhesive traps, PVC labelling, Tear tapes, Milk Jug labels, Permanent, Chill, Returnable beer, spirit or wine bottles

Alpkim produces both Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt applications  and  water-based labeling adhesive applications for tape & labeling industry. Our Hot Melts and Water based labeling adhesives are formulated to provide excellent adhesion to all types of substrates including difficult to bond.

Our experience and knowledge of adhesive technology gives us an advantage of providing off-the-shelf product for tape or label applications or a customized adhesive with high features like:

  • High mechanical stability
  • Excellent clean-ability
  • Moisture and water resistance
  • Excellent temperature & viscosity stability
  • High drying speed
  • High cohesion strength, strong bonding
  • Water-based, casein/zinc free
  • Ice-proof bottle labels
  • Environmental friendly, no VOC’s
  • Variety of migration resistance degrees
  • Easiness to handle, and safe to apply

Alpkim’s product range of PSA hotmelts and solvent, water based adhesives are formulated to meet customers' most demanding requirements in areas such as food and beverage, shipping, automotive & transportation, health and beauty, industrial, postage and security printing.