Adhesive for Flexible Packaging

Film to Film, Film to Foil, Pasteurisation, Boiling Film to Film, Retort, AlOx to SiOx coated webs, Aliphatic, Extended High Performance

Alpkim produces high quality water based acrylic adhesives for flexible packaging industry. Our products can be used for food and non food applications safely. They fullfill the requirements of flexible packaging industry as reusability, transparency, extended shelf-life, heating and moisture barrier, effective permeability, being user friendly, cost-effectiveness, simplified shipping and handling.

They are designed to be used in a wide variety of application areas as film to film lamination of metalized, printed, BOPP types; film to foil; PES; PE; ALU and cardboard materials with extended high performance.

Our product range can be used  as one component or two component and is compatible with both solvent and waterborne inks. It has fast production speed and fast slitting  speed; high bond strength, excellent film clarity, perfect adhesion.

Our products are environmental friendly, having very low odour & VOC, no solvent retention and formaldehyde free.