Industries We Serve

Adhesive for Paper Packaging

Paper Bags & Sacks, Cases, Cartons, Trays, Ream Wrapping, Sift Proof, Corrugated Adhesives

Adhesive for Paper Converting

Paper Laminating Adhesives, Envelope Gums, Tubewinding Adhesives, Tissue & Towel

Adhesive for Tapes & Labeling

Protective coatings, book coverings, Self adhesive traps, PVC labelling, Tear tapes, Milk Jug labels, Permanent, Chill, Returnable beer, spirit or wine bottles

Adhesive for Flexible Packaging

Film to Film, Film to Foil, Pasteurisation, Boiling Film to Film, Retort, AlOx to SiOx coated webs, Aliphatic, Extended High Performance

Adhesive for Woodworking

Block Board Jointing, Wood Veneer, Finger Jointing, Postforming, Profile Wrapping

Adhesive for Construction

Wall and Floor Covering Adhesives, Sealing, Water Based Tile Adhesives, Backbedding and Rebate Bonding Adhesives

Adhesive for Flooring

Pvc Floor Covering Adhesive, Parquet Adhesive, Carpet and Carpet Tile Adhesives

Adhesive for Textile

Adhesives for the production of diapers, feminine hygiene products, bed pads, medical drapes/gowns and specialty nonwoven laminations

Adhesive for Footwear

Sole Bonding, Upper Preparation Primer, Upper Construction, Lasting, Toe Cap and Counter, Halogenation

Lamination Printing

Sizing and Finishing