Alpkim Bulgaria was founded, while the establishment of Malkara Investment was almost completed.


New investment started in Malkara OSB, on a 20.000 m2 land. New equipments were installed and production started.


10.000 & 30.000 fully automated new reaction vessels started to operate with PLC control system. Alpkim continued to develop new products with respect to business partners’ demands.


Production range and focus transformed into emulsion polymerization for industrial applications and adhesives for industrial uses. We were able to serve our customers with 6 reactors, 3 blenders, 4 high speed mixers, and other various equipments.


In 1980's, new reactors were built and the production of alkyd resins and PVA polymers started.


The production of blown oil continued throughout the 1970’s while the production of construction paint and thinner started in the new production site at Avcılar, Istanbul.


As a third generation family member, Kenan Ispartalıgil decided to find his own company to produce construction chemicals. First production site was in Silahtaraga area in Istanbul.